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Mr. Akihiro Takeuchi
DigitalSoftLab, Technology Planning & Development Center
Panasonic AVC network company
Panasonic Corporation

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Mr. Takeuchi, Panasonic DigitalSoftLab manager, is the mother of  network high-speed file transfer software Port Blazer 200 customized for Apple computers with built in dual Giga Ether ports.  When our single core media converter was developed, it triggered him an interesting idea. Having completed it at last, he is very pleased with the file copy speed of 230MB/s on RAID6 storages of the Panasonic system though the network (LAN).  The original GUI design is really user friendly.  Progress bar shows remaining time of copying files and folders precisely.

In his lab, three MacPro and one File Server, G5 with Tape Drive, are connected though the network of Panasonic DigitalSoftLab.  The medium size RAID6 storages are connected with each of the three MacPro.  80 Tera Bytes RAID6 storage is connected with G5.  File copy speed of 230MB/s can be obtained through two LAN ports between two RAID6 storages.  All you need other than Port Blazer 200 are LAN cables and 1Gbps switches.