What is Port Blazer? 

Port Blazer will allow your existing Mac Pro*1 to use software to communicate at breathtaking speed of true 2G throughput with the use of two 1G LAN port. As you are probably familiar with the advantage of going with fiber optics network, but you were simply put off by the high cost and not-so-user-friendly nature of the system. That is why you need low cost simple-to-setup solution like Port Blazer 200.

Our patent pending software will double the true file transfer speed. This network will not only be faster but more secure, since any accidental breakage of one of the lines will not stop you dead in using the network (you only lose the speed in that case), a feat your existing Ethernet will be hard pressed to duplicate.

One of the nicest things about Port Blazer is that it is completely compatible with your existing Ethernet LAN infrastructure. You only need to upgrade where you need the speed, distance, and security the most, because you can upgrade line-by-line between your workstations or existing switches. Yet, these workstations equipped with Port Blazer will stay in the same office network, unlike some of the other high speed network solutions.

You can also use as many lines as your budget will allow for even more speed if the need arises at later time.*2


*1 Software for other platform is under development (multi-core computer with RAID setup is required to attain fast throughput).

*2 You need to add a network card to use more than 2 lines.

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What is Port Blazer?


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